Get Skinny, Tan and Rich for free this summer!

Like my blogs? You'll love this.  Learn from my mistakes and give yourself a great summer read! My first book, Skinny, Tan, and Rich: Unveiling the Myth, FREE!

I entered the world ahead of the game: the gifts were a wealthy family, a gorgeous gene pool, and a considerable talent for making myself into what other people wanted me to be. But things were not always what they seemed. I survived rape, drugs, betrayal and more to find my true self, and so can you!

Here's the cover blurb: "A gut-wrenching, incredibly personal true story of how one woman who appeared to have it all—wealth, beauty, and power—survived one harrowing experience after another before she found what she was ultimately looking for. She speaks volumes to those who have spent their lives saying Yes when they meant No. She takes you by the hand and escorts you over the abyss of betrayal and self-deception to the place inside yourself where what is real and true can permanently fill in your blank. Her story will forever change what you believe having it all really means."

This award-winning book usually sells for $24.95, and I am offering it free this month. Email us at, pay the shipping (send a check for $5 within the continental US, made out to Maryanne Comaroto, 336 Bon Air Center, Suite 124, Greenbrae, CA, 94904), grab a beach towel, and get ready to be seriously entertained!

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