Find and develop the intimacy and connection that you most want.

Finding a compatible partner, navigating the “new rules” and getting out of your own way can be daunting, especially in this age of technology. My sessions zero in on what you most need to clear the way for a relationship that fulfills body and soul.

Dating support

Ready to meet a mate? The paradigm has changed! If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place. I’m here to escort you into a whole new reality with practical support and guidance.

  • Clarify your relationship values, needs and non-negotiables

  • Identify your blind spots

  • Get expert guidance and feedback

  • Make a goal-oriented plan

  • Get help with the practicalities of dating (online and offline)

Relationship Soul Work

Do the deeper work to prepare for a soulful partnership. Redefine your relationship with who you are so that you feel good about yourself no matter what’s happening (or not) in your other relationships.

  • Resolve stuck emotions

  • Let go of patterns that don’t serve you

  • Learn to turn towards what frightens you

  • Discover and embrace who you really are

  • Make peace with your changing body or circumstances

I learned so much, but mostly that meeting and getting to know people should be a fascinating and exciting process. Maryanne is so warm, sincere and speaks from the heart. Her approach to relationships comes from years of experience and a place of integrity.
— Grace J.

5 things to know about how I work

1. Practical, Consultative and Therapeutic

I provide a wide range of relationship and dating support—from the practical (helping you identify what you want, create a great online dating presence) to the consultative (advising you on communication) to the therapeutic (helping you shift your relationship patterns).

2. Tailored to You

Everyone needs something different. My approach is flexible and tailored to your needs and situation. I have 30 years of experience to draw on, with expertise in relationships, depth psychology, ancient wisdom teachings, mind/body science, and intuitive counseling.

3. Proven Method

My process allows us to dive in and work together like a team quickly. We’ll uncover what you most want, identify your relationship patterns, and develop a plan to move forward. It’s efficient, effective, and even fun.

4. Somatic Depth Psychology PhD

My training in somatic depth psychology gives me the expertise to help uncover what the embodied soul is longing for in relationship to the self, partnership, community and spirituality. Clients come to me for help with relationships and dating, but tell me they end up with even more — a greater sense of fulfillment.

5. Experienced

My personal experience of finding fulfilling love after heartbreak is as important as my formal training. I’m not just someone who will champion you, I’m a deeply committed ally who has been in your shoes and will help you come out the other side, too.

My Approach

Targeted support for people who are seeking better relationships.  We zero in on what you most need help with. Sessions include a blend of practical relationship and/or dating guidance, therapeutic work, mindfulness training, and sisterly warmth. I developed an inquiry method over years of work with singles and combine it with a lifelong intuitive gift that gives me insights into hidden factors at play.


Step One: Clarify Your Vision

What do you most want?

We explore the traits, values and attributes you seek in a partner. Physical, mental, spiritual, family, economics, education, politics, deal-breakers, emotional temperament -- we cover it all.

Step Two: Identify Your Patterns

What are your blind spots?

We explore your relationship history to identify patterns, blind spots, lessons you don’t want to repeat, what worked, and skills that need development.

Step Three: Create a Plan

How do you move forward?

We discuss strategy, goals, and next steps. Do you need practical coaching with dating, deeper work, or a pause for more self-care?

I feel like a flower that has been in a dormant state for years—now I’m basking in the sunlight of my friends, realizing how juicy I really am, open and blooming. When Judy the fashion advisor came by and helped me, I saw just how attractive I could be—that I had hidden in my overweight and sad clothes so not to be noticed and hurt more. She opened my eyes and FEELINGS for my beauty!
— Brook, bookkeeper

I offer the following targeted support


Online dating profiles

One in three people meet each other online these days. Using my well-honed interview process I can help you target the dating services that are the best fit for you and create a profile that reflects you and your vision.

Match identification

Learn how to manage the pre-date and post-date interactions, including saying “no thanks” gracefully, if you’re not interested. I’ll walk you through finding potential partners from A-Z: identifying potential matches, getting their attention in a way that feels right to you, and setting up first dates.


Date Preparation

Prepare for dates so that you feel confident and authentic. Debrief afterwards with someone who gets you and is an expert in dating and relationships.

skill development and Practice

Push your edges and test your assumptions so that you optimize your opportunities to find a fulfilling relationship. Dating today isn't what it used to be. It takes willingness to try new behaviors.



Use your dating experiences to learn more about what you most want and your relationship patterns. As a somatic depth psychologist, I’m able to help you identify and work through your unconscious blocks.