The National Action Organization is a 501©3 non-profit organization committed to changing the way we value each other by bringing powerful relationship skills to the masses. Our mission is to educate men and women of all ages throughout the United States about themselves and relationships via television, radio, internet, and print. Maryanne started this organization in an effort to be of service to those whose lives have been affected by the debilitating effects of a low sense of self and abusive, dysfunctional relationships. She understands the grave consequences of trying to survive without a healthy sense of self, a solid set of fundamental relationship skills, and support. Our aim for the last fourteen years has been to provide some of these basic relationship tools and skills starting with the most basic; one’s relationship with one’s self.

We have offered several services and programs over the years. The largest was sponsoring Maryanne Live! a live weekly radio talk show with 3 million monthly listeners on 58 channels worldwide; for five years it explored leading-edge philosophy, psychology and spiritual insight to help people attract, create and maintain healthy, fulfilling, sustainable relationships. Maryanne has interviewed over 250 passionate, extraordinary thinkers, teachers, and healers across the globe, such as Dr. Helen Fisher, Ram Dass, Thomas Moore, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, John Gray, Neale Donald Walsch, don Miguel Ruiz, Andrew Harvey, Bruce Lipton, Riane Eisler, Lisa Nichols, Gay Hendricks, Jean Houston, and Riane Eisler. These shows are archived on www.maryannecomaroto.com, and published as podcasts on iTunes.

Our scholarship program is for women whose lives have been adversely affected by a low sense of self, abuse, or dysfunctional relationships; funds are made available on a per-case basis to help women become self-supporting and develop a self-esteem-building method of sustainability (e.g., getting credentialed in an innately fulfilling field that helps develop or make use of their unique gifts).

A free Emotional and Physical Self-Defense class (inspired by the gang rape in 2010 in Oakland California) was presented in public and private institutions, taught by board members and Shaolin black-belt volunteers. It is designed to teach males and females of all ages how to listen to their bodies in order to anticipate harm in advance of a physical violation, and practical self-defense moves to free themselves from physical danger.

Twice a year, we have clothing swaps in Marin County. Local supporters bring their lightly worn items, swap clothing and relationship quandaries and insights, hear from women who have gotten grants, and donate to the NAO while walking away with a new wardrobe.

We also gather funds for our Marin County-based community emergency fund program, available to women on a case-by-case basis who suddenly find themselves in financial complications due to a life-threatening illness or the threat of homelessness; e.g. a cancer victim whose insurance has run out and needs money for a treatment, food, medicine, rent, etc.