The answers are within you. Learn to tap into and be guided by your inner wisdom.

This workshop explores four key practices to access and listen to your own inner wisdom: meditation, divination, somatic movement and dialectical inquiry. It will give you the guidance, support and practice to make these essential self-inquiry skills your own. While the insights can feel magical, the practices themselves are pragmatic. Not only can anyone learn them, I see them as inherent and innate!

The 2018 Self-Inquiry Intensive workshops will focus on relationships. You’ll learn how to tune into influences from your past, gain insights on your present situation and envision your future relationships. This includes your relationship with yourself, other and world.

We will use the divination deck that my husband David and I created together.

You’ll learn to:

  • Listen to the body’s cues and language; expand your embodied awareness
  • Use embodied movement practice to bring insights to the surface
  • Ask powerful questions to tease out hidden truths
  • Meditate to help you clear your mind and listen for what you feel and know.
  • Use a divination deck to show you what you may be missing
  • Tap into unconscious wisdom that’s relevant to your current situation
  • Intuit the gifts, challenges and surprises on the horizon
  • Gain insight into your present situation and past experiences that are influencing it

Half-Day Workshop
1:00 - 5:30p

2018 DATES  
Jan. 13 (Mill Valley)
Summer: TBD
Fall: TBD

Early bird: $129
Later bird: $159

Your own Relationship Divination Deck for personal divination during and after the workshop

Essential self-inquiry skills made easy

The workshop includes detailed instruction and guidance on how to use four time-tested techniques for self-inquiry. You’ll practice each technique so that you can build “muscle memory” for these skills.

A group workshop with individualized support

I limit this workshop to 30 people so that everyone can receive the individual support and guidance needed to absorb and retain the learning.


Women and men who want to learn how to find insight and wisdom within.

Divination is the practice of reading symbols in our environment to give us clues about our past, present and future.  

Dialectic inquiry uses a series of questions to draw out unconscious feelings, thought and insights.

Simply show up with an open mind and be willing to explore relationships in a new way.

Led by somatic depth psychology ph.d.


Maryanne Comaroto created her own body-oriented self-inquiry method which she has taught people privately for 18 years. She holds a Ph.D. in somatic depth psychology and works with clients in private practice in Marin County. She is a relationship expert who writes and teaches about a new approach to relationships after 40. She has been helping people find and develop fulfilling relationships for more than 30 years using a blend of depth psychology, ancient wisdom teachings, mind/body science and intuitive counseling.

One of her core beliefs is that great relationships begin within. Honoring your own body, longings and dreams will lead you not only to more compatible partners, but deeper fulfillment.