Couples Alchemical Immersion Feb. 20-23, 2020

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Couples Alchemical Immersion Feb. 20-23, 2020

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Through meditation, movement, and journey work we will tap into the collective forces this kind of immersion work provides. You’ll have the opportunity to:
1) Re-discover your heart in your relationship
2) Embrace and honor your deep and unique vulnerability, alone and together
3) Feel more resourced at rupture and do repair work more expeditiously and compassionately
4) Find how group dynamics can help us love more fully

So if you're wanting to deepen your relationship, resuscitate it, heal it, explore it and you Love and Loving, Finding a Different Way to Love is perfect for you both!

Space is limited to 4 couples.

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Join us Feb. 20-23 for a weekend of meditation, inquiry, and movement led by Maryanne and David.