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Oracle Dance

  • Fairfax Community Church 2398 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Fairfax Marin County United States (map)

If you want to dance to music that will really move you…

Possibly help you loosen some old patterns that no longer serve you. If you are interested in embodied meditation, deepening your connection to authentic-self and soul, and being in conscious dance community, this class is for you! This practice blends Somatic Depth Psychology & ancient healing practices that support you tapping into your embodied wisdom informing the way you move in and through the world. This class offers meaningful guidance from skilled practitioners; you'll get open practice space in a conscious dance community. Both beginners and experienced dancers welcome.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Expand your embodied awareness

  • Awaken and move energy

  • Reconnect with the body as a source of wisdom and joy

  • Soften, loosen and stretch your capacity for connection

  • Welcome whatever comes up: feelings, thoughts, wild passions and limitations.




Barefoot or dance shoes, comfortable clothing

Evening class
Bi-weekly Monday nights
6:30 - 8:30p (doors close at 7:00)

Maryanne’s classes are February 4 and 18; March 4 and 18; April 1, 15, and 29. For Jennifer’s classes, please click HERE.

One and one-half hour class led by Maryanne Comaroto on Monday nights. Beginner and experienced dancers welcome.

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Anyone who wants to be more present for this beautiful ride of life, including loving, losing, learning, creating, colliding and connecting. If you’ve never been to a dance class before, you’re totally welcome. If you are an Open Floor, 5Rhythms or Ecstatic Dance diehard, that’s also great! We welcome a diversity of genders, sexualities, ethnicities, religion, physical abilities and beliefs!


You don't need a dance background only a desire to listen to and move your body as a mode of conscious inquiry, accessing your body as the source of wisdom!


This is a free-form movement practice; there are no steps to learn or choreography. You move your body in whatever way you feel inspired by the soundscapes we design to tap into your body’s wisdom. You may gyrate, undulate, bounce, shake, whatever.


This work is unique to the individual. Guidance is suggested, but you are always encouraged to follow your own embodied intelligence.


It sometimes happens naturally, but it’s not required. It’s up to you!


Jennifer and I came together over 20 years through our shared love of music, dance and laughter. We both agree dance saved our lives. I suffered with debilitating anxiety and Jennifer from Lupus, not to mention the host of other surprises that life had to offer. Two decades later (through a series of synchronicities), we were drawn together in a new way. After reflecting on how our lives have uniquely unfolded, laughed and cried about things we’ve been through, we lingered over the significance of having support, connection and feeling empowered. Inspired by our reverie, we imagined a collaboration in celebration of all that we love, that which has been fun, healing and lifesaving, and supports, connects and empowers others.

Big hearts teach alike~

Jennifer had become certified as a 5 Rhythms teacher and also holds certifications in levels 1&2 Reiki, plus other intuitive healing modalities. I had earned my PhD in Somatic Psychology, become certified as an Open Floor Therapy in Motion practitioner. While our training and experiences as teachers are different, creating a container where movers and inquirers could come together once a week to experience the body as oracle and music as the medicine in soulful community was clear and common ground.

What we want to offer you…

After hours of ridiculous, hilarious and dead serious inquiry we felt the importance of offering something real, meaningful and a little different than what folks might be used to without it being unnecessarily deep or wrote. And given the existing Bay area talent pool and plethora of offerings we knew this something would be inclusive rather than exclusive.

So basically, we created a class that we want to take.

The kind that maybe saves lives and brings one deeper in connection with the true self and soul. The kind that doesn’t judge, is spacious yet stands in fierce compassion. The kind of class where you can drop in, laugh aloud, feel all the way to your core and walk away a little different. The kind of dance our teachers have been teaching us and that we’ve been dancing for the last quarter of a century...

We hope you’ll join us Monday nights! 2 hours on the dance floor, where rotating teachers offer minimal guidance, provocative soundscapes, infinite possibilities, and more.

Jennifer and Maryanne

Oracle Dance



Classes Feb. 4, 18: March 4, 18: April 1. 15, 29

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Maryanne first discovered movement as a way to heal her debilitating anxiety. She created her own body-oriented self-inquiry practice called the Shomi method which she has taught people privately for 18 years. In 2017, she became certified to teach Open Floor Movement. What excites her most about this new modality developed by a small group of Gabrielle Roth’s proteges is that it offers an evidence-based map for using movement as a way to deepen connection with self, others, community and spirit.

Maryanne’s teaching style/philosophy is heart-centered, soulful and influenced by somatic and depth psychology. She sees her role as an embodied guide who invites students into a shared contemplation using movement.

Maryanne holds a Ph.D. in somatic depth psychology and works with clients in private practice in Marin County.


Classes Feb. 11, 18, 25: March 11, 25: April 8, 22, 29.

To sign up for Jennifer’s classes, please go HERE.


Jennifer is a certified 5Rhythms Teachers and was trained by Gabrielle Roth. Jennifer’s dance practice began in 1996 and included ritual performances and visual poetry, earning her a college scholarship. After performing for many years, Jennifer realized a profound yearning to experience dance on a deeper level and began studying the 5Rhythms in 2002. She is now teaching this extraordinary body of work, constantly catalyzing a deeper way of living more fully in her body.  Jennifer is skilled at creating a safe space where dancers are invited to discover and express themselves with authenticity. Her deep understanding of the work inspires students to engage powerfully with the transformative nature of this practice, while her upbeat teaching style helps to create community on the dance floor.

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Oracle Dance