Susan Anderson, The Abandonment Recovery Workbook: Healing from Abandonment, Heartbreak, and Loss

Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson

Heartbroken after divorce, a breakup, a death, or the loss of friendship, health, a job, or a dream?

Abandonment breaks our hearts in subtle ways, too, when we are not recognized for our accomplishments, dismissed by a friend, or not invited to a party. It is a challenge that everyone must eventually face at one level or another.

Psychotherapist and abandonment expert Susan Anderson guides you through the five stages of your journey—shattering, withdrawal, internalizing, rage, and lifting. She explores the seemingly endless pain of heartbreak and gives us concrete recovery tools and exercises to discover and heal underlying issues, identify self-defeating behaviors of mistrust and insecurity, and build self-esteem. And even have fun doing it! You can come away with a new sense of self, with an increased capacity to love. 

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Ruth Whippman, America the Anxious

Ruth Whippman

Ruth Whippman

Are you happy? Right now? Happy enough? As happy as everyone else? Could you be happier if you tried harder?

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Ruth Whippman found herself increasingly perplexed by the American obsession with happiness. She found that despite spending more time and money in search of happiness than any other nation on earth, research shows that the United States is one of the least contented, most anxious countries in the developed world. So Ruth set out on to get to the bottom of this contradiction, embarking on an uproarious pilgrimage to a controversial self-help course, visiting a “happiness city” in the Nevada desert, delving into the darker truths behind the “positive psychology movement,” and more.

She’ll share a rigorously researched yet universal answer, and one that comes absolutely free of charge.

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Karen Casey, 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles

Karen Casey

Karen Casey

First introduced to A Course In Miracles during the early stages of sobriety when she hung on to Alcoholics Anonymous like her life depended on it (and, of course, it did), Karen yearned for something that could quiet her near-constant anxiety. These simple ideas and affirmations for meditation have done that for her, bringing her a simpler, softer, slower, and more loving life.

Karen not only offers an explanation of the ideas, but also shares her own experiences with them—stumbles and all—offering proof of how helpful and practical they really are and showing that the goal isn’t perfection, but rather progress toward creating a life of love and peace.

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Donald Altman, Clearing Emotional Clutter: Letting Go of What's Blocking You

Donald Altman

Donald Altman

You’ve heard about the psychological benefits of clearing out the clutter in your surroundings, but shutting away and trying to hide old pains and traumas can also create toxic clutter keeping you from the life of your dreams.

Integrating mindfulness and cutting-edge neuroscience, international expert Donald Altman teaches us how to modify entrenched habits and patterns with only a few minutes of attention daily. He’ll give us tips on how to realize what our baggage consists of and how to transform or toss it, then show how to avoid the daily danger of accumulating new emotional clutter. No matter how fraught your life or relationships may be, you can cleanse, heal, or accept the old wounds, mistakes, and disappointments.

You’ll discover how to address your past, better deal with the present, and cultivate the best possible future. Start fresh now! 

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Stan Tatkin: Wired for Dating: Understanding Neurobiology and Attachment Style Can Help You Find Your Ideal Mate

Psychologist and relationship expert Stan Tatkin shares key concepts about how people become attracted to potential partners, move toward or away from commitment, and the important role the brain and nervous system play in this process. You’ll get powerful tips based in neuroscience and attachment theory to help you find a compatible mate and go on to create a fabulous relationship. 

Matthew McKay, Seeking Jordan: The truth about death and the invisible universe

Matthew McKay

Matthew McKay

When Matthew McKay’s son Jordan was murdered, he set out to discover the truth about why we are here, what happens when we die, and what death is. He determined to listen and look for his dead son in any way he could.

A psychologist with a deep love of science, he never expected to learn a technique called “channeled writing,” connect with Jordan on the other side, and become convinced that in the heart of pain exist things he never imagined. “In the same way Jordan helps me when I’m afraid or full of doubt, your loved ones are watching over you — in dreams or feelings or direct replies — if you ask.” Find out how to ask and listen!

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Stephanie Marango & Rebecca Gordon, Your Body and the Stars: The Zodiac as Your Wellness Guide

Stephanie Marango and Rebecca Gordon

Stephanie Marango and Rebecca Gordon

In the signs of the Zodiac, you might be born a Gemini, but did you know that you might also have the heart of a Leo or the feet of a Pisces? We’ve read our horoscopes for insights into our love lives, careers and friendships, often overlooking the fact that every day each sign expresses itself differently through our bodies.

Holistic health physician Stephanie Marango, and Rebecca Gordon, world-renowned astrologer and resident horoscope columnist for Harper’s Bazaar, present a never-before-seen guide to infinite and often untapped wisdom. Using the stars as the foundation, they provide lessons, meditations, and exercises that will guide you on your path to well-being. 

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Carmen Harris, Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows

Carmen Harris

Carmen Harris

Think magic belongs only on the stage or in the imagination of young children? Carmen’s book will teach you to reconsider and experience it again!

30 years a creative TV scriptwriter, she stumbled into becoming a healer when unexpectedly the awakened energy in the palms of her hands roused a terminally-ill cancer patient from an unresponsive state. The extraordinary events in her life can only be called magical, and she says this is available to all of us. Find out about the sixteen magical elements of the universe that can positively transform our perception of the outer world and bring peace and harmony to our inner existence. In the next section, Brown Stuff, she lists seventeen challenging scenarios.

Within each of these different sections are dynamic tips and techniques that are designed to help shift the Brown Stuff, resolve difficulties, and get to the Magic.

Kayt Sukel, The Art of Risk: The New Science of Courage, Caution & Chance

Kayt Sukel

Kayt Sukel

Are risk-takers born or made? Kayt Sukel uses cutting-edge research to illustrate which parts of the brain drive behavior, the different genes and neurochemicals at play, and the “particular blend of biology and experience held within that allows us to know what risks are worth taking and what risks should be left alone.”

She shows us the fascinating neurological pathways that provide the “gas” and the “brakes” when we are faced with a risky decision. And she shares human interest stories from the boardroom, the classroom, the playing field, and military frontlines.

Marrying the knowledge of science with the wisdom of those who have played the game and won--professional poker players, female firefighters, top neurosurgeons--Kayt gives us a few key rules to reset our definitions of risk and shows how to put artful risk-taking into action.

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Pouline Middleton, One Woman, Three Men: Conscious dating

Pouline Middleton

Pouline Middleton

Who says you have to find "the one"? How about three men; one to talk about the meaning of life with, one to be intimate with, and one to be an handyman?

Divorced single mother Pouline made up her mind to date three different men, one for each area that was important to her. She began a very transparent conscious dating search online. Every man she connected with knew her plan and needed to state which area he wished to be considered for. The interactions were fun, funny and profound. 

Since creating Modern Love, Pouline has coached hundreds of people to get in touch with their three most important areas, whatever they may be. Her process also works for men seeking women and same-sex couples. It's fun, but under the humor is a serious look at bringing our highest consciousness to modern love and sex. Laugh and learn! 

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Helene Segura, The Inefficiency Assassin: Work smarter, not longer

Helene Segura

Helene Segura

Too much to do, not enough time?  Health, relationships, and family suffering?

Helene can rescue you from the procrastination, distraction, inefficiency, and overwhelm that foster work/home imbalance. Whether you want to streamline, downsize, better manage paper and information, organize tasks, or simply make their work and home lives more efficient, she'll meets you where you are struggling most with quick, easy-to-implement strategies and tactics to “kick chaos to the curb.” 

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Naomi Katz, Beautiful: Being an Empowered Young Woman

Naomi Katz

Naomi Katz

Do you remember your first kiss? Your first heartbreak? Your first bra? The first time your best friend betrayed you? 

Author and teacher Naomi Katz peels back the truth behind becoming a empowered woman in a chaotic world where airbrushed perfection is beauty - when in reality, beauty is who you are. She offers strategies to help young women cope with issues like body image, the media, relationships, competition, sex, and peer pressure. Tune in for guidance and inspiration...and a fun conversation.

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Cara Bradley, On the Verge: Wake up, show up and shine

Cara Bradley

Cara Bradley

Remember the best moments of your life, when you felt powerful and totally alive?

Mental strength coach Cara Bradley can show you how to wake up, show up and shine, experiencing what she calls “high-definition, high-voltage living” on purpose, daily. She’ll share fresh practices she pulls from her years of yoga, running track, and rollerblading that expertly guide you through the process toward an indescribable sense of fulfillment and empowerment that is always here, on the “verge” of happening, ready to emerge.

You can intentionally experience this natural state of clarity and vitality in your everyday life. Tap your personal power and thrive!

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Arthur Ciaramicoli, The Stress Solution


“We work too much, sleep too little, love with half a heart, and wonder why we are unhappy and unhealthy,” says clinical psychologist Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli. He'll share simple, realistic, powerful techniques for using empathy and cognitive behavioral therapy to relieve stress, perceive situations accurately, correct distorted thinking, and trigger our own neurochemistry to produce calm, focused energy.

He developed this approach over thirty-five years of working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, and addictions. Over and over again, he has helped sufferers overcome old hurts and combat performance anxiety, fears, and excessive worry.

Join us for a calming and practical hour. 

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Jonathan Robinson, The Technology of Joy


Got stress, mind-numbing negative self-talk, boredom, depression? Jonathan, one of the world's leading experts on happiness and how to get there, brings you The 101 Best Apps, Gadgets, Tools and Supplements for Feeling More Delight in Your Life...not to mention joy! 

He’ll talk about everything from a trans-cranial stimulation device called "The Thync" to Tinglers that fit on the head and the knees to create endless waves of pleasure. If singing makes you happy, consider the Singtrix that actually makes your off-key warbling sound like a rockstar. And he's got some surefire LEGAL cognitive-enhancing supplements that will boost you into the happy zone.

Whether it's a temporary fix or something with long-term effects, he's tried it and will tell you what he thinks. You’ll come away with a toolbox of “happiness hacks.” 

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Tim Link, Talking with Dogs and Cats


“Why has my cat suddenly stopped using the litter box?” “Why is my dog barking incessantly?” “Why doesn’t my dog or cat listen to me when I ask him to do something?”

Pet owners want to know about talking with their dogs and cats, and Tim Link, an expert animal communicator, can teach you how. He’ll help you first hone your communication skills, using the spoken and the visual, and also learn to “listen,” respecting the personality and feelings of your animals. His simple and accessible methods facilitate the understanding you’re craving, and create a back-and-forth communication that will enhance the lives of both animals and humans. T

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Dr. Renato Calabria, Body dysmorphia: where surgeons need to draw the line


Wrinkles, many hours a day do you obsess over your perceived flaws, chasing perfection?

Many of us have Body Dysmorphic Disorder, characterized by obsessive thinking in which a minor physical imperfection causes severe emotional distress, and some plastic surgeons are eager to operate even if they feel it won't solve the problem. Media has some responsibility for idolizing perfection. Often you see flawless faces of celebrities on the cover of magazines which were meticulously photo-shopped.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria continuously sees young patients, not necessarily with BDD, coming to the office with immaculate pictures of actresses asking if they can look like them. Often these patients go from doctor to doctor seeking a perfect image of themselves which is not achievable.  A good plastic surgeon is someone who can say no. Dr. Renato guides you compassionately through the process of finding what you truly need.

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Rick Heller, Secular Meditation: 32 Practices for Cultivating Inner Peace, Compassion, and Joy


Meditation is religious, right? It’s actually an age-old secular practice with numerous scientifically verified physical and psychological benefits.

Longtime secular meditation teacher Rick Heller here shows how it extends beyond the personal to enrich relationships with others, with community, and with the world. Step-by-step instructions, personal stories, and provocative questions teach empathy for others, stress reduction and inner peace, and in-the-moment living that fosters appreciation for life and resilience in the face of adversity.

If you have ever loved or even liked another person, he says, you can learn kindness meditation — and invites us to partake in awe and wonder at the rich experience of being alive.

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Steve Berry, The 14th Colony: thrilling history and politics


Did you know that for 30 years there was a plot for the US to colonize Canada? That President Reagan and Pope John Paul met secretly, and over the next 6 years the Soviet Union was brought to its knees? 

Bestselling author (14 books, 40 languages, 20 million copies) Steve Berry talks about how he creates his characters, why he has so many strong women, and how much of his thrilling history is true (try 90%). Prepare to be surprised by the way history and politics shape our relationships. 

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Matthew McKay, Seeking Jordan: The truth about death & the invisible universe


When Matthew McKay’s son Jordan was murdered, he set out to discover the truth about why we are here, what happens when we die, and what death is. He determined to listen and look for his dead son in any way he could.

A psychologist with a deep love of science, he never expected to learn a technique called “channeled writing,” connect with Jordan on the other side, and become convinced that in the heart of pain exist things he never imagined. “In the same way Jordan helps me when I’m afraid or full of doubt, your loved ones are watching over you — in dreams or feelings or direct replies — if you ask.” Find out how to ask and listen! 

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