Madisyn Taylor, Unmedicated: the 4 Pillars of Natural Wellness

Madisyn Taylor

Struggling with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety? Want to get unmedicated?

Madisyn Taylor is today a world-renowned expert in personal development and alternative healing methodologies and co-founder of one of the internet’s most popular inspirational websites—DailyOM. But before she guided millions of people on the path toward wellness she struggled under the physically, emotionally, and financially draining diagnoses of chronic fatigue syndrome, clinical depression, and anxiety.

After years of medications, therapies, and more medications, Taylor came to a stunning realization—her well-being was up to her. With nothing left to lose, she started her first tentative steps on what would become a program that would help her throw off the shackles of overreliance on medication and gain mental serenity after a lifetime of anxiety disorders and depression.

She’ll share a holistic path to wellness meant to supplement expert medical advice. It presents four basic pillars that build on one another to create a healing foundation of action steps:

  •         ONE: Clear Your Mind. How to retrain your brain and open new neurological pathways by learning meditation and reconnecting with nature.
  •         TWO: Nurture Your Spirit. Learning to work through fear and self-sabotage and embracing forgiveness to release the pain and help connect to a greater source.
  •         THREE: Strengthen Your Body. Understanding how a healthy body supports a healthy mind.
  •        FOUR: Find Your Tribe. Discovering the people who will give you a solid foundation of love and support and allow you to be yourself.

You too can become unmedicated!

Rachel Harris, Listening to Ayahuasca

Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris

Ayahuasca, the psychedelic brew from the Amazon rainforest, is now being used (illegally) in North America for individual healing, consciousness exploration, or spirituality!

As a result of her own personal experience, research scientist and psychotherapist Rachel Harris created the largest study to date of what happens following an ayahuasca ceremony — if people find lasting relief from depression and anxiety; if those with alcohol problems permanently stop drinking; if transcendent experiences with ayahuasca translate into a more spiritual life; and more.

She’ll describe her findings, including miracle cures of depression and addiction, therapeutic breakthroughs, spiritual revelations, and challenging or bad trips. If you’re thinking about taking it, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll get creative ways to work therapeutically with your experiences. And she’ll offer insight to therapists who work with people after their ayahuasca journey.

“This is not a simple story about healing,” writes Dr. Harris. “The risks are significant, but the opportunity is beyond what Western medicine and psychotherapy can offer.”

Learn more about Rachel Harris:

Arthur Ciaramicoli, The Stress Solution


“We work too much, sleep too little, love with half a heart, and wonder why we are unhappy and unhealthy,” says clinical psychologist Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli. He'll share simple, realistic, powerful techniques for using empathy and cognitive behavioral therapy to relieve stress, perceive situations accurately, correct distorted thinking, and trigger our own neurochemistry to produce calm, focused energy.

He developed this approach over thirty-five years of working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, and addictions. Over and over again, he has helped sufferers overcome old hurts and combat performance anxiety, fears, and excessive worry.

Join us for a calming and practical hour. 

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Jonathan Robinson, The Technology of Joy


Got stress, mind-numbing negative self-talk, boredom, depression? Jonathan, one of the world's leading experts on happiness and how to get there, brings you The 101 Best Apps, Gadgets, Tools and Supplements for Feeling More Delight in Your Life...not to mention joy! 

He’ll talk about everything from a trans-cranial stimulation device called "The Thync" to Tinglers that fit on the head and the knees to create endless waves of pleasure. If singing makes you happy, consider the Singtrix that actually makes your off-key warbling sound like a rockstar. And he's got some surefire LEGAL cognitive-enhancing supplements that will boost you into the happy zone.

Whether it's a temporary fix or something with long-term effects, he's tried it and will tell you what he thinks. You’ll come away with a toolbox of “happiness hacks.” 

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Tobin Blake, Everyday Meditation


We all know that meditation helps to lower stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and can even prevent disease. So why is it so challenging to begin and sustain everyday meditation?

Tobin Blake created a complete and detailed course on meditative practice. He shares how to reprogram your inner dialogue, overcome anxiety, heal depression, cultivate spiritual relationships, and stop battling your inner dialogue in order to discover your true Self. You can live awakened, with purpose and joy.

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