Aging and relationship

Virginia Bell, Midlife is Not a Crisis

Virginia Bell

Virginia Bell

We are aging differently from the way we did in the past―we are not only living longer, we are staying healthy and vital longer. We can grow and prosper at any age!

Midlife Is Not a Crisis combines astrology, inspiration, and wisdom about aging to empower people to live more fully in the second half of life. It is based on the generational life cycles we all share at certain ages, from the Saturn Return at 29 and Midlife, which peaks at 42, all the way to the Uranus Return at 84.

These cycles are the great crossroads of life, and each cycle is a journey in itself. Strung together they offer a road map to life’s most challenging and rewarding passages. In every decade there are trials, lessons, and losses; in this we have no choice. Our freedom lies in how we respond―consciously or unconsciously, awake or asleep. The planet that governs each cycle acts as a wise elder or guide and holds the key to navigating the cycle successfully.

Astrologer Virginia Bell tells the story of these cycles and provides a guide to living consciously and well.

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Winifred Reilly, It Takes One To Tango: How to Rescue Your Marriage With (Almost) No Help From Your Spouse

Winifred Reilly

Winifred Reilly

What happens when your marriage is broken but you’re the only one who wants to fix it? We’ve all heard “it takes two” to make a marriage better, but therapist Winifred Reilly noticed that waiting for her change-averse husband to leap up and joyfully embrace her grand plans for remodeling her marriage wasn't working out any better for her than it was for her clients. So she decided to try to rescue her marriage by herself, even though she had no idea what that would take.

Like most couples she works with, she wanted a happier marriage, not a divorce. Now she gives us practical, effective, empowering alternatives to talking ourselves blue in the face. “I know from experience that when one partner takes that first step...behaves in a new way, challenges the status quo, the other will usually follow. Sometimes slowly, not always cheerfully, and often not in the way we imagined. But eventually, both partners become stronger and healthier, and so does the marriage.”

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Holly Parker: If We’re Together, Why Do I Feel So Alone?

Holly Parker

Holly Parker

Living together, but your partner is emotionally absent; they are caught up in acting like a Critic, a Sponge, an Iceberg, an Emotional Silencer, a Defender? Constantly combating outright hostility or overcoming subtle distance can leave you with the sense that the give-and-take in your relationship has disappeared.

Harvard University clinical psychologist Dr. Holly Parker rescues us from the desperate, hopeless feelings that have come to define our relationship and life. She has developed a program filled with practical exercises and powerful advice for individuals on both sides of an emotionally damaged relationship. She talks about how to create healthy emotional connections and boost physical intimacy, how to eliminate habits that trigger self-sabotaging behavior, and more.

With patience, empathy, and willpower, Dr. Parker’s program can help you restore balance and peace of mind, and turn your damaged partnership back into a rewarding and joyful bond. 

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Barbara Waxman, The Middlescence Manifesto: Igniting the Passion of Midlife

Barbara Waxman

Barbara Waxman

We’ve associated midlife with future decline and potential disability, a time when people begin to worry about being “over the hill.” The truth is, people between the ages of about 45 and 65 are at the top of the hill, with a life expectancy of nearly 80 years, and many of us will live even longer. Yet our thinking about “age” is stuck in a paradigm from the last century.

Middlescence is a new life stage, filled with potential, vitality and purpose. Backed by quantitative research and the qualitative data collected over Barbara Waxman’s 30 years as a gerontologist, the Manifesto establishes that Middlescents are happier and more purpose-driven than almost any other demographic segment.

She gives us tools and techniques to tap into those qualities so we can be filled with creativity, focus and potential. We can harness our leadership abilities to revolutionize our own lives and those of our family members, as well as revolutionizing our communities, workplaces, and the world. 

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Linda and Charlie Bloom, Happily Ever After and 39 Other Myths About Love

Linda and Charlie Bloom

Linda and Charlie Bloom

“Couples with great relationships don’t fight” or “little things aren’t worth getting upset over” aren’t true, just common myths like the one about how the couples walk away together as the credits roll, heading for a life of "happily ever after." These misconceptions can prevent you from building the strong relationship you hope for.

Bestselling authors and relationship counselors Linda and Charlie Bloom offer compelling stories and valuable suggestions for replacing myths with realistic expectations, equipping you with behavior and communication guidelines that will enhance and strengthen your intimate relationship. It gets better...and more fun than you would have ever imagined! 

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Pouline Middleton, One Woman, Three Men: Conscious dating

Pouline Middleton

Pouline Middleton

Who says you have to find "the one"? How about three men; one to talk about the meaning of life with, one to be intimate with, and one to be an handyman?

Divorced single mother Pouline made up her mind to date three different men, one for each area that was important to her. She began a very transparent conscious dating search online. Every man she connected with knew her plan and needed to state which area he wished to be considered for. The interactions were fun, funny and profound. 

Since creating Modern Love, Pouline has coached hundreds of people to get in touch with their three most important areas, whatever they may be. Her process also works for men seeking women and same-sex couples. It's fun, but under the humor is a serious look at bringing our highest consciousness to modern love and sex. Laugh and learn! 

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Helene Segura, The Inefficiency Assassin: Work smarter, not longer

Helene Segura

Helene Segura

Too much to do, not enough time?  Health, relationships, and family suffering?

Helene can rescue you from the procrastination, distraction, inefficiency, and overwhelm that foster work/home imbalance. Whether you want to streamline, downsize, better manage paper and information, organize tasks, or simply make their work and home lives more efficient, she'll meets you where you are struggling most with quick, easy-to-implement strategies and tactics to “kick chaos to the curb.” 

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Naomi Katz, Beautiful: Being an Empowered Young Woman

Naomi Katz

Naomi Katz

Do you remember your first kiss? Your first heartbreak? Your first bra? The first time your best friend betrayed you? 

Author and teacher Naomi Katz peels back the truth behind becoming a empowered woman in a chaotic world where airbrushed perfection is beauty - when in reality, beauty is who you are. She offers strategies to help young women cope with issues like body image, the media, relationships, competition, sex, and peer pressure. Tune in for guidance and inspiration...and a fun conversation.

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Dr. Renato Calabria, Body dysmorphia: where surgeons need to draw the line


Wrinkles, many hours a day do you obsess over your perceived flaws, chasing perfection?

Many of us have Body Dysmorphic Disorder, characterized by obsessive thinking in which a minor physical imperfection causes severe emotional distress, and some plastic surgeons are eager to operate even if they feel it won't solve the problem. Media has some responsibility for idolizing perfection. Often you see flawless faces of celebrities on the cover of magazines which were meticulously photo-shopped.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria continuously sees young patients, not necessarily with BDD, coming to the office with immaculate pictures of actresses asking if they can look like them. Often these patients go from doctor to doctor seeking a perfect image of themselves which is not achievable.  A good plastic surgeon is someone who can say no. Dr. Renato guides you compassionately through the process of finding what you truly need.

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Holley Kelley, Sunrises and Sunsets: Death Planning


Why leave it to others to decide how to celebrate your life, make vital life-and-death decisions, and pass along your inheritance (financial and cultural), when you can leave them a roadmap to what you truly desire?

Kelley takes us on a a deep-dive into planning what legacy we are leaving behind, how we want to convey it and how we want to enjoy the time left to us-without the worry of unfinished business. It's a unique and innovative twist on final-affairs planning from a delightful and FUNctional perspective. She takes you on an expedition of personal exploration and considerations as she ushers you step-by-step to completing your advance-care planning and personal initiatives.

And this is not just about planning for your death. It is about new beginnings and newfound perspectives about living. It is about taking care of necessary personal business in a pro-active and responsible manner that allows for incredible peace and freedom in the present.  You can plan for the Sunset, while enjoying every Sunrise, with fresh outlooks and appreciation!

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Gary Douglas, Divorceless Relationships


What if you didn't have to divorce parts of yourself to make someone else happy? How do you stay in a relationship when it starts going sideways? How do you know when it's time to leave? Founder of Access Consciousness, a simple set of tools, techniques and philosophies that allow you to create dynamic change in every area of your life. Learn from Gary's wonderful stories about people who have faced these challenges and grown. Find out how everyone and everything you are in a relationship with can become more honest, more loving, sexier; create a divorceless relationship for yourself now! 

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Sherry Ruth Anderson on Ripening Time: Aging with Grace


What do you expect as you age? What can you offer the world? What do you have to let go of? Join Maryanne and Sherry Ruth Anderson to engage the aging process through the art of inner inquiry. Go beyond our culture's mind traps through stories where elders face into the lies, the losses and endings, the tender and bittersweet and ferocious truths of growing old...the genuine grace and gift of human ripening.

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Wendy Aronsson: Refeathering the Empty Nest

Free-range parent, looking around at your clean, neat, empty house and wondering, "What now?"

Wendy Aronsson focuses on “The Shift,” a phase that represents a profound change from the daily rigors of constant parenting to a period of self-reflection and reorientation. She uses real-life stories to show how people have managed these changes, how they’ve reignited the passion in their marriages – or in some cases moved on from bad relationships – and rediscovered old talents and interests. Tune in for hope and guidance, whether your nest is about to be empty, or your baby birds have already taken flight. 

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George & Sedena Cappannelli, empowered after 50


Live consciously and age wisely? That's what we all want, right? How do we all do that surrounded with cultures that so obsess on youth? George and Sedena are passionate, inspired truth-tellers and articulate spokespeople for a vast generation whose being ignored. Tune in for straight talk, valuable life strategies, and practical tools for the 150-million Americans who will soon be 50 years and older; and for younger people who want to know more about the world ahead and be prepared for the world they will soon inherit. 

Eve Hogan, The Eros Equation: the soul-ution to the relationship problem


The Eros Equation: The Soul-ution to the Relationship Problem outlines a unique approach to creating happy and long-lasting relationships. Rather than focusing on the other person or situations over which the reader has no control, author Eve Hogan offers us a tool to discover new and creative responses to the situation.

This is challenging but also empowering. The rewards are a greater ability to resolve issues, deeper self-knowledge, and more intimacy and harmony in the relationship!