Kayt Sukel, The Art of Risk: The New Science of Courage, Caution & Chance

Kayt Sukel

Kayt Sukel

Are risk-takers born or made? Kayt Sukel uses cutting-edge research to illustrate which parts of the brain drive behavior, the different genes and neurochemicals at play, and the “particular blend of biology and experience held within that allows us to know what risks are worth taking and what risks should be left alone.”

She shows us the fascinating neurological pathways that provide the “gas” and the “brakes” when we are faced with a risky decision. And she shares human interest stories from the boardroom, the classroom, the playing field, and military frontlines.

Marrying the knowledge of science with the wisdom of those who have played the game and won--professional poker players, female firefighters, top neurosurgeons--Kayt gives us a few key rules to reset our definitions of risk and shows how to put artful risk-taking into action.

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