Seven Essential Truths for a Soulful Life

These seven essential truths were a gift that came to me during a spiritual awakening I experienced when I was 33 and struggling with debilitating anxiety. I had prayed, “Show me the way.” The guidance I received was that these seven truths would help me stay awake, which I understood would be my challenge and ongoing work. Whenever I stumble on my path, they are still where I look first. All these years later, they still hold true.

I hope these truths will help you as well.


1st truth

the human body holds infinite wisdom

Practice: Listen to your body

My awakening led me to understand healing and wholeness cannot happen in the thinking mind alone. After years of devouring and exhausting traditional and esoteric means to try and find relief, I had the realization that the wisdom I sought to end my suffering resided in my body. This realization led me to many years of practice, learning to listen to my embodied wisdom.

2nd Truth

energy doesn't lie

Practice: Move your body

I understood that part of what ailed me was how my personal and collective history and trauma had been stored in my body. Years of unexpressed feeling, and emotion needed to be felt and released. That energy needed to move so the rest of my system could operate fluidly and optimally. I learned to follow my body, and move and witness what is authentic and real, which created ultimate freedom of being.

3rd Truth

a clear body channel holds the highest truth

Practice: Put good things in your body

I learned that everything I put in my body mattered and had some effect, sometimes immediate, other times cumulatively. I began to notice the shift in energy and moods as it related to what I ingested. I was less fuzzy and irritable overall. This reality lead me to embracing intuitive eating and celebration, rather than medicating and distraction. I have an 80/20 plan. 80% of the time I make the healthiest choices possible, 20% of the time I make room for the some “better bad choices.”

4th Truth

The Mind is a Wonderful Servant But a Terrible Master

Practice: Put only good thoughts in your mind

I also began to realize that I had a choice about the thoughts that I entertained, and the power of this has been truly liberating!

5th Truth

You Are the Sum Total of the Five Closest People You Associate With

Practice: Surround yourself with supportive people

We are relational creatures. We need each other in order to survive. Choose well! This truth was inspired by something Jim Rohn, who is Anthony Robbin's mentor, observed.

6th Truth

Your Life Purpose Is Your North Star

Practice: Keep your eye on the ball

Knowing who you truly are and what you are doing here are critical inquiries as a human being. Setting your sail, creating the conditions for your intentions, cultivating practice and discipline is critical to being fulfilled, and making a difference to yourself and others helps you stay connected to this ongoing inquiry.

7th Truth

You Have Unlimited Access to Power Greater than Yourself

Practice: Pray for guidance

Coming full circle, the seventh essential truth is praying for guidance. We are not alone, connected to everyone and a part of the Divine. Sitting, being still, being present and listening ... these are practices that will show the way!