About Divination


What’s Divination?

Divination simply put is a way of tapping into a field of awareness for information and guidance beyond our typical and rational means.

Divination tools, including tarot cards and runes, offer a portal into your unconscious and inner wisdom. There is some some element of what Carl Jung called synchronicity in which your unconscious connects with the symbols in the divination tool.

Inquiring into the meaning of these symbols and what they mean to you is a practice that can bring clarity and guidance.

Why Divination?

Divination when practiced skillfully and with right intention allows us reliable access to what lies beyond the personality and ego layers of awareness. It offers us a way to tap into the personal and collective unconscious, beneath the clamor of the monkey mind and into the realm of spirit and soul. It also helps us make sense of and integrate the complexity of our human experience as we seek to learn, grow, and become more conscious.  

How to USE Divination tools

As a point of reference, I'll use the Great Relationships Begin Within self-inquiry divination deck that my husband David and I created. The deck offers a structure for self-inquiry and includes 55 cards designed to help you gain clarity and insight at every opportunity as you move in, around and sometimes out of a relationship. The same process can apply to any tarot deck.

1. Settle in

Start by simply sitting down and focusing your attention inwards. It's helpful to settle in with a simple ritual: breathing, grounding and shuffling the cards.

2. Focus the inquiry and draw the cards

The next step is to set the focus of your inquiry. You can ask a question such as, "What do I need to know right now?" and draw a card for the answer.

If you want to take a deeper look at an issue or situation, you may want to use a "spread" in which the placement of each card relates to a specific influence. A traditional three card spread might help you to explore explore past influences, current opportunities and future considerations.

We have outlined a seven-card Matters of the Heart spread in the book that accompanies our tarot deck.  It's also available in our iOS tarot app: True Love Now, available on the iTunes App Store. 

From left to right, and top to bottom, you lay out seven cards in the shape of a heart with the placements signifying the following:

  1. The situation in which you find yourself
  2. The opportunity
  3. Your unconscious desire
  4. What you are resisting
  5. Outside influences
  6. What needs healing
  7. What you stand for

Images are from our iOS True Love Now divination deck, available on the iTunes App Store.  


3. Divine the meaning

No matter which spread you choose, pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and body sensations. Stay with them until you are clear what they are telling you. 

Have fun and make this part of your daily practice!

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