Sample Talks and Workshops

Revisioning Relationships in the Bedroom and the Boardroom

There's a new paradigm of relationships emerging which is based on partnership rather than role-playing. It demands that both parties brings awareness of their whole selves to the table. Using my signature blend of somatic depth psychology, conscious movement and inquiry practices, this workshop paves the way to cultivating the resources and critical insights for more fulfilling relationships .

Equine Guided leadership Education

Relationship is a matter of survival. And leadership is about relationships. As social animals we are conditioned to look outward to define ourselves. As the Western world spirals into a dramatic paradigm shift , we are faced with a cultural, existential epistemological, involution. Duality giving way to paradox; we are outgrowing independence and embracing inter-dependance. This work addresses how we make sure that we are living by our own values, not those we blindly absorbed from our family of origin and culture.  This is a time where our learning shifts from skill development to mastery and wisdom. In this talk, I explore the opportunities of Soulful Leadership, using Equine Education and practical guidance on how to negotiate its challenges. 

Moving From #metoo to #wetoo

#METOO has shone a light on a serious problem. Both women and men want to be heard and to be a part of the solution. Now is the moment for men and women to come together. In this workshop, I lay out what makes bridging the gap so difficult and offer a path forward.   

My work is all about forging stronger connections and I approach my speaking and workshops in this same vein. I craft experiences to engage, inspire and inform.