Aw snap!


I'm so sorry, but I've had to suspend the online tarot readings. I've upgraded my website and the old code doesn't work on the new platform.  I know there are a fair number of folks like you who got a lot out of these readings. Just because the music changed, the party doesn't have to be over.

If you'd like your very own Great Relationships Begin Within Self-Inquiry Divination Deck  (upon which our online app was modeled), I'd like to offer it to you at a 15% discount. Just enter the code ONLINETAROT at checkout. This offer expires on June 1, 2018 and is limited to one per person.

If you prefer the electronic experience, did you know that we have an iOS app called True Love Now? It includes the same Great Relationships Begin Within artwork and spreads that you've enjoyed with the online readings. It's only $0.99 at the iTunes App Store

I know that you'll miss the online readings, but I hope you'll end up enjoying one of these other options even better!


Great Relationships Begin Within: Self-Inquiry Divination Deck

$17.95 in our store

The Great Relationships Begin Within Self-Inquiry Divination 55-card deck and 88-page booklet capture the essence of what it takes to attract and create a healthy, fulfilling, sustainable relationship.

There's something wonderfully sensual about the ritual of physically shuffling the cards and letting your body respond to the colors and images. You'll be able to take your card with you, perch it close by for a daily affirmation or leaver your reading spread out to site with and refer to all day. The deck includes a booklet that's a handy reference to keep you focused on your inquiry questions. 


True Love Now

$0.99 at the iTunes App Store

Our Great Relationships Begin Within tarot app for iOS. Find out what you need to know right now! Choose a 1-card, 3-card, or 7-card spread. You’ll be guided into self-inquiry, clarifying your inner knowing and escorting you more deeply toward what needs attention. Declarations and Practices support you in creating healthy, fulfilling, sustainable relationships, beginning with yourself!