Polly Higgins, I Dare You to be Great


What are the patterns of harm playing out in our own lives that stop us from daring to be great?

World-renowned barrister and author Polly Higgins proposed to the United Nations in 2010 that "ecocide" - the extensive damage or loss of the ecosystem of a given territory - be made a legally recognized crime. Polly realizes that great change, and thereby greatness, begins with the individual self, and that before we can break the cycles of environmental harm playing out across the world, each one of us must break our own personal ecocides. 

Tune in for Polly’s rousing call to arms for all of mankind to join her in one giant leap towards greatness. Join her in collective positive action to save ourselves and the environment!

Learn more about Polly Higgins: iamdaringtobegreat.com