Betsy Chasse: Tipping Sacred Cows: The uplifting story of spilt milk, spirituality and finding your way in a hectic world

Calling all spiritual flailers, wandering, lost along the path to enlightenment. Ok, you’ve meditated, you’ve fasted, you may have even shaved your head, or maybe you haven’t done any of those things but are considering it — don’t, until you listen to this interview. Betsy Chasse is here to give you a loving tip in the right direction (or whatever direction you want to go — don’t worry, it’s the right one). It’s time to tip some sacred cows about what we think we know about spirituality, reality, & ourselves. It’s time to get liberated from the fences we’ve put up and frolic once again through the pasture of life, realizing that stepping in cow shit is not always a bad thing. That happiness is not a destination but a state of mind and you’re already there if you’re willing to just do a little work to uncover your true bliss, your happy mojo, that creamy cream that exists in the middle of you!

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