Debra Engle, Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

Debra Engle

Debra Engle

What if you had a best friend/counselor all rolled up into one—and you had access to their advice and wisdom 24/7?

You do; they’re your spirit guides, and Deb Engle will teach you how to find them if you haven’t already, and how to deepen that relationship even if you’ve worked with your guides for a long time. She’s got a lot of stories and practical steps that she’s learned from her own guides…and the Course in Miracles...powerful stuff that will help you approach situations in your life from a very different perspective.

She says, “The main message I’ve learned is that life doesn’t have to be such a struggle or so confusing. We don’t have to feel alone, because we never are. When we remember that, and intentionally partner with Spirit every day, we really can co-create a life of peace and purpose.” 

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