Dr. Bernie Siegel, Love, Animals, & Miracles


Those wise and loving eyes gazing up at you...Dr. Bernie Siegel knows how relationships with animals have helped his patients, alleviating their suffering and heartbreak.

Now, he’s gathered many inspiring true stories, including delightful tales from the “Siegel Family Zoo” where “squawks, purrs, chirrups, squeaks, barks” fill the house. He talks about how they reveal themselves as teachers and messengers, doctors and nurses, healers and miracle workers...and clowns.

Watching them, we can see how to be nonjudgmental and live better, healthier lives. If you have an animal, an appreciation for the inspirational, or simply the need for a smile, you’ll treasure his stories as a source of love, wisdom, and miracles. 

Learn more about Dr. Bernie Siegel: www.BernieSiegelmd.com