don Miguel Ruiz: Awakening the Sleeping Giant


Do you like who you are and the way you are living? Every 26,000 years the Mayan calendar completes a cycle; it's a wave of energy we can ride to change who we believe we are. We start with special messages from Stephen Dinan, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Rev. Michael Beckwith on the Birth of 2012. Then don Miguel Ruiz, bestselling author of the Four Agreements, shares his Toltec wisdom to help you open up new possibilities for your life and deepen your capacity to love and experience joy. Simply, when you change yourself you change everything. When you awaken your own sleeping giant, you can move into truth-telling, face your obstacles, and overcome the culture of fear. He says, "Please help us to change the world! Only you can change the world that you create, and by changing your world, the world will change… and that is the Truth that will set you free."


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