Dr. Diana Kirschner, Sealing the Deal: Love Mentor's Guide to Lasting Love


Do you really want lasting love with your partner? What are you willing to do to get it? Dr. Diana developed a revolutionary approach to dating and relationships that has helped thousands of women get the committed, lasting love they want. She has starred in a PBS special based on her best-selling book, Love in 90 Days; successfully hosted the “90 Day Love Challenge” on the Fox Morning Show; appeared on Oprah; and is a recurring guest on The Today Show. She shares her three reality checks to make sure this is the one, The Seven Real Laws of Attraction, The Litmus Test for Your Relationship, and more provoking questions and tips to help you set the stage for the commitment you want. We can keep sparks flying even after the “feel-good” chemicals have faded! 

Learn more about Diana Kirschner: www.dianakirschner.com.