Dr. Susan Bartell, How clutter affects our relationships and our health

Dr. Susan Bartell

Dr. Susan Bartell

Clutter: we've all got some somewhere. And it affects us. Ever gone head-to-head with your significant other over what to pack and what to trash? According to a new national study by SpareFoot, 90% of Americans in a relationship admit if they knew there wouldn’t be consequences, they’d get rid of some of their significant other’s possessions.

And why are you keeping this thing: your aunt gave it to you, it was the first thing you bought for yourself, you might need it sometime? Is there some object you’re hiding from your partner? How many things can you have in a room before you start to feel uncomfortable? How much time do you spend looking for misplaced objects in your home?

Dr. Susan Bartell gives you a perspective on where you stand with other American adults, and ways to help you make your home comfortably reflect your truest self.

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