Ellen LaConte, Life Rules!


What if the "green" organizations are Earth's immune system? It looks like our global economy has gone viral and become the HIV of the planet, so what can we do to heal it? Nature gives us a blueprint; Ellen LaConte gives us the 10 commandments of sustainability, the support we need to take environmental power into our own hands as full, competent, loving, creative human beings.

Ellen predicts that Life will last but, if we don’t make some fundamental changes, life as we know it—and a lot of us—won’t. She identifies natural laws that have allowed non-human communities to thrive and prosper for several billion years, and gives us ways like transitionus.org to connect with other people and communities who are rising to the occasion!

Learn more about Ellen LaConte: www.ellenlaconte.com   liferules-thebook.info   resilience.org