Eric Walrabenstein, Waging Inner Peace

Eric Walrabenstein

Eric Walrabenstein

How 5,000 veterans used the ancient secrets of yoga & mindfulness to reclaim their lives from stress and find inner peace, and how you can too!

Former U.S. Army infantry officer turned yoga master Eric created the BOOTSTRAP yoga system to help returning veterans and their families cope with the effects of PTSD and other psychological effects of war, and it works for ordinary people in real life. It’s one of the world's most comprehensive mind-body solutions for calming and rebalancing the nervous system. He’ll share how to explore the often unexamined internal sources of stress and emotional disturbance, and introduce ancient wellness techniques.

You can learn a proven methodology to apply mind-body wisdom to solve one of today's most pressing wellness issues--stress. Find out how to use it to help us master our humanness and live happier, healthier lives.

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