Henry Grayson, Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind


Why don't we do the things we know will heal us or keep us healthy? Dr. Grayson shows you how to eliminate the mental obstacles that make us feel we aren’t worthy of abundant health and well-being. “Negative thoughts that foster self-criticism, judgments, fearful reactions, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy all increase the flow of stress hormones, which decreases immune response,” says Dr. Grayson. “And if we don’t identify and clear out the barriers that are lodged in our limbic system, many of which are not conscious, then placebos, positive thoughts, exercise and taking medications and supplements may do us little good.” Discover his six questions that help you see what your barriers are; sometimes they disappear immediately and never come back, sometimes it takes practice; but with your commitment, you can create a healthy life.

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