Jamal Joseph, Panther Baby: a life of rebellion and reinvention


One of the youngest Black Panthers to do hardcore jail time, Jamal Joseph is now a fine-arts professor at a Columbia, a school he once exhorted kids to burn down. This man shares about keeping your sense of enthusiasm and responsibility alive and shining, and making a real difference in the world. Listen to his life of rebellion and reinvention, and be inspired!

Jamal says, "Our young people must know that the true motivation for anything has to begin with love and that the right strategy for success includes service and dedication." Your dreams have no expiration date; go out, keep positive thoughts, and make it happen! 

Learn more about Jamal Joseph: jamaljoseph.com  Here's one of several Youtube videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCgTZ7dcfnw