JD Messinger : 11 Days in May


"Our purpose is not to just survive in a challenging world, it is to discover and fulfill our soul’s agenda and thrive. The modern world has placed many obstacles in the way that keep us distracted from this purpose, the greatest of which is fear. In the Old World Mosaic it is this kind of thinking that has brought humanity to a tipping point where our survival hangs in the balance. With the emerging New World Mosaic we must understand that we are interconnected and interdependent with everyone on the planet. What binds us is far greater than what separates us and our differences are less than one part per billion." --J.D. Messinger, after his near-death experience.

And he has a special offer for listeners: If you live in the continental US, email us at info@maryannelive.com and pay postage for your own free copy of this dialogue with an unseen being that explores some of the deepest questions mankind has asked throughout human history: Who am I, Why am I here, What is a Thought, What are Intentions, What is Matter, Time, Love, War, Sex, Death, Souls, and more!

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