Kevin Dutton, Split Second Persuasion: The Ancient Art and New Science of Changing Minds


Why do you crave a cheeseburger after seeing one on TV...even when you're full? How do the powers of human persuasion stack up against those of animals? Dr.Kevin Dutton describes the art of what he calls "split-second persuasion"; those moments when we make a decision almost without thinking either to have our way or to give someone theirs.

Dr. Dutton explains how to win that argument, close a deal, nail the job interview, get a first date, and even stick to that New Year's resolution. The success of television shows like Lie to Me and The Mentalist proves just how fascinated we are by the power of facial cues and body language to maintain rulership of our individual universes. And Dr. Dutton does so in such a charmingly nerdy, accessible way; not many people can effectively use phrases like "cognitive flatulence" and "prepackaged, freeze-dried reasoning."