Kevin Hancock, Not for Sale: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse

Kevin Hancock

Kevin Hancock

Kevin owned one of the oldest family businesses in Maine, and in 2008 the economy was tanking. Then he lost his voice from a rare neurological disorder. He was moved to go to the Pine Ridge Lakota Indian Reservation, in a series of trips strikingly similar to their ancient Vision Quest rite.

In losing consistent access to his voice, Kevin discovered a pathway, a calling, to strengthening the voices of others, which he uses to think differently about the future of Pine Ridge, the future of his business, and the future of tribes everywhere.

Find out how he learned to do less, not more; to look inward for meaning; to bring his business and himself back into balance and prosperity. Along the way, Kevin learns it was his soul's way of getting him to stop working, stop leading, stop caretaking. Find your own growing awareness of interconnectedness, where everybody can live a full, rich life. 


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