Mark Coleman, Make Peace with Your Mind

Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman

You know your Inner Critic, the voice that says you’re not enough, not good enough, or sometimes...too much.

Renowned meditation teacher Mark Coleman helps us see where it comes from, and what strengthens and weakens it. He’ll share insights into what creates, drives, and disarms the Inner Critic; examples from real people’s healing journeys that inspire and guide; tools we need to begin turning the lens of attention toward our own minds, with kindness and clarity. You’ll learn simple exercises you can immediately put into practice to invite, cultivate, and nurture your best self and make peace with your mind.

“The good news coming out of neuroscience is that your brain and negative habits can change based on how you use your attention,” writes Coleman. “When you see how much your inner critic robs you of peace and well-being, you will be less apt to give it your loyalty and attention.”

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