Robert Weiss, Out of the Doghouse: A Step-by-Step Relationship-Saving Guide for Men Caught Cheating

Robert Weiss

Robert Weiss

Why don’t men get it about cheating? What hurts the most is the lying, manipulating, and secrecy that it inevitably requires. Cheating men are typically unaware of the depth and nature of the pain they have inflicted on their mates.

Robert Weiss speaks to the loving but clueless man who has messed up an otherwise healthy relationship, and now wants to earn his way back home. This “learn it or lose her” primer for men caught cheating is a roadmap for rebuilding trust, restoring intimacy, and salvaging a damaged relationship. The cheated-on partner can feel validated and understood for her losses, and better understand how men think about sex, cheating, and relationship intimacy.

This direct address to unfaithful men (and their significant others) is not focused on shaming or judging, but instead acts as a translator that can help an unfaithful man truly understand the blow he has caused to his relationship and how to work through that pain with his partner.

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