Barbara Marx Hubbard: Conscious planetary evolution in 2012


Maryanne interviews Barbara Marx Hubbard, and we learn about The Shift Network 2012: Planetary Activation. We don't have to be scared of 2012...we can add our energy to "gentle the birth" toward the next stage of our evolution. She says, "Millions of us are awakening to our participation in the whole, as the planetary body integrates and links up throughout the world. Our electronic media have joined us via global satellite.

More recently, the Internet, our refined planetary nervous system, is connecting us as individuals and groups, cross signaling through the system, beyond the confines of time and space. Something more is needed to awaken us as a whole – an infusion of life, love, appreciation, and security to comfort us in our time of trial. It is this event that we now envision and that we can in fact bring into being. Everything we do counts, especially in this critical time."