Rebecca Costa, On the Verge, preparing for the future

Rebecca Costa

Rebecca Costa

“There can be no greater advantage than certainty of the future. Not in nature. Not in business. Not in governance.” So begins Rebecca Costa’s much awaited exploration of foresight: “the crowning achievement of human ambition.”

According to Costa, never before has the information needed to avert danger, get the jump ahead of others, or prepare for the inevitable been so clearly within grasp. Advances in Big Data, predictive analytics, genomics, artificial intelligence, and other technologies have put us on the verge of pinpointing future results with mind-blowing accuracy—cracking the door to what Costa calls predaptation: the ability to adapt before the fact.

Through fascinating real-life examples, Costa reveals how technology has brought nations, businesses, and individuals to the edge of clairvoyance. Yet, our ability to act on foreknowledge often falls short—causing leaders to squander the advantage of preemption.

Costa illuminates 12 principles of adaptation, and predaptation, so we can succeed in fast-moving environments.

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