Praying backwards

What if life and death were just two towns along the same highway, and your body was a vessel given to you as a gift, a transport system to carry your soul from one place to the next?

What if everything you did or thought, and everything you consumed or said was a direct measure of your gratitude for this unique and beautiful gift? What if it's true that we're all just pieces of the whole, and that a harmful act against someone is really just a harmful act against yourself?

What if every time you lied, stole, loved, or cherished someone, you were really doing those respective things to yourself? What if you learned that every single path led up the mountain, no matter what you did, how you acted, what you gained or lost in this life, what you thought or believed, or how hard you tried to change your destination?

What if you knew that even if you turned off the path a thousand times, you'd still end up at the end of it eventually? What if you suddenly knew that praying happens backwards - that every prayer you have had or ever will have was already sent out into the universe before your birth, and your entire goal in this life was to learn to tune into those prayers by listening to the Divine wisdom inside your own heart and head?

What if there was nothing else to know, no "secret" other than the one readily available to you if you stop and listen intently enough?  How would this free you?  Who would you be?  What would you do?  How would you treat your body as the container of your soul?  How would you treat others as a reflection of yourself?  How would you regard your path as it winds toward its inevitable destination?