Can prayer spice up your love life?

I know, most of us cross our legs when we think about GOD and sex simultaneously, so surely it’s a stretch to imagine praying could be spicy. And then there are those of us who a long time ago made the separation between church and mate and don’t give it a thought. But why not? What if we did at least entertain the notion? Why must we make the leap from the puritanical to the profane when there’s all this juicy, sacred soul-filled stuff in the middle? Maybe it’s time we took another look at what it means to pray, and how it can and does pave the path for a richer relationship experience. Versus letting another type of opportunity to create sacred connection slip away because we are filled with shame, guilt or have purposefully limited our scope of prayer to be solely petitionary (or pointless) rather than a means for enhancing intimacy.

A new way to pray~

Jesus Christ, who few would argue was an authority on prayer, said (and I will paraphrase); prayer is how we commune with the kingdom within or, in other words, the way to connect with the Divine that resides inside you. Not quite the popular version that most of us cling to, where you ask God for stuff or to get you out of a jam. Rather the right here/right now/just close your eyes and drop in, instant way to connect to the source of everything, to the magnificence and splendor that we truly are. Knowing down to your toes and in your bones that you are that. This is the prayer I am talking about, the prayer that makes you feel…juicy, alive and YES, even spicy. In this prayer we get a glimpse of our authentic self, and the gift has a rippling effect that is ultimately profound.

Practically speaking, every time we turn inward in prayer, wanting only to behold our connection to all that is, we have an opportunity to radiate that connection outwards, naturally creating an optimal climate for intimacy. And don’t take my word for it, try it. You want to spice things up, turn inwards. Sit in a church alone, in a park on the bench, go for a walk in the woods, take a turn on a labyrinth, or sit quietly right where you are and get consciously connected and let the force run through you and then up out into the world. Or if you can handle MORE, add that spice to your relationship; sit with your special someone and share the experience. Doesn’t have to be a big deal because, the truth is, there is no bigger deal. Giving one another the gift of presence and a moment of prayer… watch out …this is the spice of life!