Move your body! class feedback

Need a good emotional release? Want some clarity, or need to simply find a safe place to feel, heal, and deal all the way out loud? Come to the San Francisco Bay area for an evening of pure, healthy self-indulgence—a two-hour, full-on, psycho-spiritual way to move your body while you free your soul.

  • Get in touch with what you are really feeling

  • Consciously clear and let go of stuck energy

  • Let the music cleanse you, making space for what's real and authentic

  • Walk away supple, sweaty, and more peaceful!

Some comments from participants: I am a very busy, stressed professional woman, working way more hours than one should. I rarely had time to decompress or to recharge my battery. I didn't even remember anymore how to do that. I attended Maryanne's workshop, and I had an extraordinary experience of myself more free and joyful that I can ever remember. Maryanne's ability to make one feel safe and accepted is truly transforming. I was able to take time for myself to explore and discover feelings I had so neatly buried. I am a true believer in the healing aspect of dance and movement and helping others, but this was just for me. The workshop, with the compassionate and expert leadership of Maryanne Comaroto and all its participants was a gift. It has stayed with me as a reminder of the joy I can bring into my life every day. ~Doree Clark

I just did a "Move Your Body, Change your Life" class with Maryanne a few weeks ago. I had hesitations about going because I am not typically someone who does free-form dance classes such as Five Rhythms because I gravitate towards structure and following a teacher who tells me what steps to do! We moved for 2 hours and it was blissful! Maryanne's guidance was so skilled, kind, loving, and non-judgmental, we all felt free to do what moved us from within and we all felt connection with each other by the end of the class. I felt myself relax in a deep way and also felt my heart open. That's quite amazing to have happen in a few hours of dancing! Try ityou'll love it. ~Julie B.