What are you passionate about?

This week is about exploring and embracing your passion, even if it scares you! Listen to the Italians who know a lot about passion, especially when it comes to the “f” words; food, family and friends. Take their lead and spend some time revisiting what makes you tick, floats your boat and rocks your world, then go and make it happen! Take a trip, write a song, take dancing lessons, learn a new language, make love, eat, bake, sing, laugh...love until you fall into a heap of your own passion! Here's how to throw a mini passion-fest: 1) Invite at least one other person to your home, a park, the beach, or somewhere you feel comfortable and LOVE!

2) Prepare a menu that consists of your favorite foods, ones you can share easily. If you’re on a budget, make it fun and potluck…love it!

3) Send out a fun free Internet invite (there are several great versions free online).

4) Make a great music compilation of songs you love, or put someone else in charge of music patrol.

5) Write a poem, a short story, pick a reading, or make up a game and share it with everyone pre-dessert.

6) Spend at least 5 minutes letting whoever you invited know what you are most passionate about in life.

7) Instead of waiting for life to present you with a passionate moment, shake and stir and you will have created an amazing opportunity to experience and share some passion NOW!