5 ways to show love

There are literally hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of ways we can behave, things we can do that could be considered loving. Yet it is from where the gesture comes that distinguishes the loving act from the empty gesture. What good, for example, is it

Full-spectrum emotion

I’ll have one fabulous relationship; hold the full spectrum of unpleasant human emotion please!” Used to be, it could bring me to the edge when anyone would tell me to “calm down” or “just relax.” “OH, you think THIS is upset? Well, you haven’t seen

Create true love in a romantic relationship

Most of us have not been taught how to attract and create an expansive, intimate, romantic relationship with someone who absolutely adores us…until NOW!
Maryanne joined the world’s top love experts and thought leaders in The Ivy League Love Academy 2, put on by Sandra Fidelis, and you can listen to her interview here
The Ivy League Love Academy 2 is for you if you’re ever experienced:
  • Unavailable partners
  • Feeling like you’re not a priority or valued by your partners
  • Attracting men who are not interested in commitment
  • Not interested in or attracted to men who show you lots of interest
  • Attracting partners who don’t treat you well
  • Feeling unworthy of the relationship of your dreams
  • Feeling tired of dating people who aren’t a good match and ready to give up on love
Grab your beverage of choice, sit back, and get tips on making 2015 the year you create the amazing romantic relationship you know deep down awaits you!

Pro Life? How about Pro Dad?

First, this is a rant, not a blog. I hope you will indulge me anyway. There are few things I feel more passionate about, and I know I am not alone. Having been a single mom for over ten years, I know so many of you can, do and will relate. And I must warn you, it’s rated R, so I apologize in advance for any offense that may occur. Here we go…

Understanding your emotions as aspects of your soul

These ideas from Chinese Medicine spoke to me; here's a paper I wrote for Dr. Alan Kilpatrick at Pacifica Graduate Institute, “Emotions and Chinese Medicine.” According to psychologist and behavioral scientist Paul Eckman’s pioneering research on human emotions, we bipedal creatures cross-culturally share six basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise.

Feeding the Dark Wolf

Yesterday started like many another: I woke up. Normally I am grateful I’m on the right side of the ground, count up the hours I slept peacefully, pause to recall and explore my dreams, evaluate any disturbances, and inquire into my feeling state. Then I ritually discuss mutual inquiry with my husband. At which point my Reubenesque cat, Leila, hurls herself directly into my face purring at full throttle,

Single for Valentine's Day?

A reporter asked me to help him with his column the other day, and his first question was: “Valentine’s Day is coming up. But where can you meet someone if you’re single?” I replied, “That's like asking me where to go eat when you're hungry. First you need to tell me what you like, what you are hungry for?

Is your password strong?

A very attractive single mom recently told me this story: She had met a man and felt sure he was the man of her dreams. There was a synchronicity about their meeting she could not ignore; the chemistry was electric and the sex, she said, was the best she had ever had—in her life, I might add. It had to be love, she gushed! But she had a question for me. “What do you think this means?

The best gift ideas of all!

It’s easy to get besieged by the sheer volume the holiday season brings with it. And while much of what we are actually celebrating and why gets buried underneath our “list” (which seems to grow each year, and not always in proportion to our bank account), there’s plenty of time to resurrect the Joy the season has to offer by revisiting what it actually means to give!

Which offers a greater opportunity for healing: an amends or forgiveness?

Say you’ve been hurt, and on a scale of 1-10, it’s a solid 11. Some time has passed, and now, due to its magnitude, this hurt has turned into a wound – possibly even a debilitating one replete with anxiety, depression; the works. Maybe at one point you didn’t even know how you would survive the pain; just the thought of it could take you down. But then eventually you moved on

The last 5 of 10 tips for combating the High-Maintenance Blues, + bonus!

6)   Be a conscious ROLE MODEL.What are we saying to our girls? This is a tough reality but well worth looking at. And what are we saying to our young men? That women are objects, that men should like this fake version versus the real? Did our mothers teach us nothing, did our grandmothers and sisters and all the women who fought for our freedom not teach us that we are enough? All I am saying is, be clear about one thing; they are not only watching, but

Can a bad relationship make you sick?

Relationships affect our overall health in so many ways. Recent studies have shown how coupling can add years to your life, boost your immune system and even help with anxiety and depression. Naturally, one might wonder what influence the end of relationship might have on your health and wellness. Most of us don’t have to think to hard to conjure injurious feelings about a relationship gone bad. And while the pain and grief due to botched relationship vary from one individual to the next, we need to explore