John Travis, MD, Why Dads Leave

John Travis

John Travis

When John W. Travis, MD, lauded as one of the founding fathers of the wellness movement, became a parent, he was shocked to discover how unprepared he was for the emotional challenges of parenthood.

With his wife and colleague, Meryn Callander, he shares the story of their confident plunge into parenthood and the unraveling of that confidence, as they discovered themselves floundering, exhausted, and struggling to deal with the challenges confronting them. He found out firsthand why dads leave.

Cultural and generational forces are creating an unacknowledged epidemic of disappearing dads—fathers leaving their families, physically or emotionally, soon after the birth of a child.

Nearly twenty years in the making, John’s work provides insights and practical ways of preventing and healing the insidious and devastating impact of this dynamic. He has created the website which is full of resources, understanding, and hope for men—and the women who love them.

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