Michael Gelb, The Art of Connection: 7 Relationship-Building Skills Every Leader Needs Now

Michael Gelb

Michael Gelb

As the current workforce has become more diverse and less hierarchical, connection, and its good friend, collaboration, are more important than ever. More of us can step into the role of leaders who guide others to discover a sense of meaning, purpose, and connection in the workplace. Leaders need to be flexible and adaptable in their relationship-building and communication skills.  

Michael Gelb’s motto is "Connect before solving." He’s discovered that the most powerful catalyst for inspiring creative breakthroughs, and for translating those breakthroughs into sustainable innovations, is to guide people to connect with one another first, before trying to solve a problem.

Gelb shares his seven methods of developing this essential rapport in our professional and personal lives. He reminds us that developing rapport with others is not just a business tool to enhance productivity but a valuable end in itself. He guides us to cultivate the skills we all need to deepen our relationships, broaden our humanity, and transform our lives. 

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