Karen Sherman, Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life.


Everyone comes from a dysfunctional family, it just depends on the degree and type. An alcoholic parent or a family who never expresses any emotion or over-controlling parents or.…

Dr. Karen Sherman, a psychologist who's been helping people identify, drop their baggage and move on (for 25 years now) so they can start living a life of freedom and joy, has put her years of experience into a book. She'll share how, with the art of mindfulness, you can: Feel better about yourself, warts and all. No longer repeat patterns in your life that aren't really getting you what you want. Be able to have a relationship that is calmer and more loving. Feel less angry about the people in your life. Be more open to seeing and appreciating the positive around you.

Once you identify, express, and finally respond to feelings that you've been carrying around since you were a kid, the hurt goes away and you'll be able to connect and have true intimacy.