Mark Sundeen, The Man Who Quit Money


In their Power of We radio show, Maryanne Comaroto and David Raynal ask, "Is our belief in the present money system simply another religion?" Imagine a life without money, living off of what you can forage or catch for yourself to eat. “Freeganism” to the extreme--dumpster diving for grocery store castoffs, and receiving free supplies and support from friends and family. Giving freely with no expectation of return.

Daniel Suelo has been living that way for years, and author Mark Sundeen joins Maryanne and David to share some of the insights from this ordinary man who is living in the tradition of ancient monks. Suelo spends time with his friends and family, and is a respected member of his community. He chose to quit money after long consideration, and his deeply spiritual nature led him to study theology and reflect deeply over what it means to live a good and faithful life. Mark shares a combination of Daniel's practical tips and eye-opening ideas

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