Martin Prechtel, Stealing Benefacio's Roses, befriending mythology


Rooted in an ancient mythology passed ritually on to him by a magical generation of Tzutujil Maya now gone, Martin reminds us that these kinds of stories, if forgotten, will be lived out in our daily lives, but can help us live consciously when they are remembered. Spiritual, poetic, practical, inspirational! "Gaspar Culán the younger did not believe the Sun was a God neither was the Earth a sky for another world beneath, nor was it alive at all."

Thus begins the beautifully narrated, romantic epic of Martín Prechtel’s search for the "deer-like look in a woman’s eye," and his dramatic getaway with his family against impossible odds during his last years in war-torn Guatemala. Martín Prechtel is a leading thinker, writer and teacher whose work hopes to promote the subtlety, irony and pre-modern vitality hidden in any living language; this is a provocative conversation.

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