Peter McCarthy, Adrenaline Nation


Are you and your body pushing the limits...feeling bogged down, hardly able to think, getting sick oftener than you used to? Welcome to Adrenaline Nation! Using razor-sharp logic, comprehensive research, and just plain common sense, ex-bomber pilot Peter McCarthy demonstrates that stress has become an overwhelmingly negative factor in our lives.

Find out the most surprising cause of our adrenaline fight/flight reaction that most of us are in daily...and the cost of that sense of alertness over time. If you don't take charge of your health and take care of your stress, you are rolling the dice on your own health and survival.  He'll share some of his innovative and achievable solutions!

Peter's dream is becoming real; he and his team are launching the online Natural Health Network, bringing you practical, real-world health and environmental information from consultants and educators in over 1200 alternative and mainstream modalities worldwide.

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