How Meditation Helps Relationships

You may already know that meditation has amazing physical and psychological benefits. What you may not know is how this 5000-year-old practice can help your relationships! I never thought in a million years I would start and end my day meditating in a relationship. My husband is right by my side and we support each other in our practice :)

Psychotherapist and moving meditation practitioner Christine Havens joins me on my latest Realtime Relationships podcast episode to share how meditation can help us all have deeper, more meaningful relationships starting with ourselves.

Here is a sneak peek of the mindful and nourishing topics we covered:

  • Becoming more in our bodies ... which is critical for knowing how we feel. If you don't know what you feel, you don't know what you need.
  • Managing our window of presence; meditation helps expand our ability to feel strong emotions and our ability to tolerate them versus react unconsciously to them.
  • Achieving greater intimacy, starting with cultivating true self-compassion and forgiveness, which naturally helps create more compassion and forgiveness for others.