Tantra: a Path for More Satisfying Sex and Better Connection?

In recent years, I have noticed many of my friends and clients complaining about a steady decline of satisfying physical intimacy and yet an increasing longing for connection. This is among solo and partnered people alike.

My search for answers to this intimacy paradox led me, surprisingly, to Tantra. Part of my work is helping people explore and heal issues related to sexual objectification and abuse. Tantra always seemed like an excuse for sexual predator types to prey on vulnerable people in the name of spirituality. 

But I kept coming across people who credited Tantra as a way to reconnect with their sexuality in a healing way. To learn more, I reached out to Niyaso Carter, a Tantra guide who has been teaching about sacred sexuality for 25 years.

Listen in on our conversation as we discuss

  • The benefits of tapping into your sexual energy for your relationship, creativity and energy … and why this can be particularly hard for us now.

  • How responsible practice of Tantra opens both the physical body and the heart

  • What the ancients were thinking when they devised Tantra 5,000 years ago

  • How Tantra can bring unresolved experiences up to the surface for healing.