Don't just talk about it...SHOMI! First of 7 essential truths for the New Year

One of my favorite ways to bring in the new year is to recommit to a daily practice. And I'm delighted to be able to share with you my personal practice, specifically the 7 essential truths that literally have changed—at times, saved—my life. Many years ago I may not have thought that life was much worth saving. Today, as a result of this practice, instead of being consumed by self-loathing, plagued by anxiety, or trying to cover up extreme insecurity, I live a healthy, fulfilling and blessed life. Over the years, my 7 essential truths have replaced the self-defeating patterns and become as much a part of me as breath itself. Over the next 7 weeks I will share each one with you in the most personal and practical way possible. Perhaps you too suffered as I did, and pray somehow that your struggles, challenges, or pain and suffering will end. That you might find at last you have a unique and important purpose, and that real love will find you. And that ultimately who you really are is divine and sacred.

Week One: 1) Listen to your body! The body never liesI spent years swimming around in my mind, when it was my body that held the answers I truly sought. I developed the SHOMI® method of body-centered self-inquiry because I found that when we don’t know what we feel, we don't know what we need. I started by spending 5-10 min every day, standing with my eyes gently closed, my attention turned inward, asking myself the question, “What’s here?” and waiting for my body to speak to me. It took me a while to learn to speak this new language, but boy, when I did my life changed forever. Finally I could be my own witness. I could unravel the years and years of feeling unseen, unloved and misunderstood. I learned to attend to myself in a way that I thought only another could. I became what I refer to as internally referenced and found my authentic true nature, my god-self at last! Then my life truly began; after healing old traumas and hurts I was free to be present and finally know myself—and more, give myself—what I needed.

My only warning is to take care, real care to be ready to see your true magnificence that lies beneath the crusty layers. Don't give up; your radiant self awaits you!  If you like, have a therapist, a dear friend, or a dog (that’s what I did) bear witness for extra support at first. (P.S. I teach this work, too, if you live in Nor Cal.) And remember, be gentle, Love brings up everything unlike itself. Also trust yourself, there is a natural rhythm that reveals itself in each of us—follow it!

Re-cap: Set your alarm for 5-10 minutes every day: Stop what you are doing, stand, or sit, gently close your eyes, turn your attention inwards (what you seek is not OUT THERE, it’s always inside) and ask, “What’s here?” Your body will do the rest: shapes, colors, sound, images will rise and fall, and ultimately all will help you heal and find your way! Don't just talk about it...SHOMI!