2nd of 7 essential truths: Move your body

The ego-self loves thinking it is the Alpha and Omega. Alas for it, there is a higher truth…if we have the courage to find it! I discovered this in a desperate attempt to get past my self-defeating patterns (and suffering).

Try as I might, my mind could only take me to a certain point. It was only when I dropped into my body-, belly- and heart-brain that I found real freedom of being, and came to understand the body as the center of intelligence.

I then realized what they meant by “The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.” That's because the mind is here to serve our body by helping interpret its wisdom and intelligence so we are free to follow our spirit. I have never suffered since; I found the thing I truly longed for. The place I call “awake and home”!

Here's the way I found to get there. Our bodies are always talking to us, so:

1) Listen up!

2) Stand quietly with your eyes closed in a safe and quiet place (preferably out of anyone’s earshot) and begin a gentle, curious scan. From head to toe, inside out, ask yourself: “What’s here?”

3) Notice what happens after the chatter settles. LISTEN and you will hear. Perhaps a new language at first, but your body will tell you everything and anything you want to know!

4) Pay attention to which parts of your body are saying something. A tight fist, jaw or neck each has plenty to say. What most wants or needs your attention? Follow that. Whatever it is—you name it—I PROMISE, your body is talking.

5) Let it up and out! This part takes particular courage. It may seem awkward or uncomfortable at first to talk to your fist or tight stomach or achy head, and then simply listen, but trust me when I tell you, the payoff is FREEDOM of being!

No more will you be disconnected from your path or what’s true for you. No longer will you be held hostage by unclarity or external demands! Even if the message is to sit and do nothing, this answer will lead you to what is most true for you; ultimately to the life you truly wish to love! You will be amazed and hooked for life—the gifts of listening will flow endlessly.

6) Love brings up everything unlike itself. I believe everything but Love is a projection or an opportunity to heal and come into alignment with our true nature and purpose. That said, when we first start our practice of body-centered self-inquiry (which is what the SHOMI method is), the crusty layers may contain strong and even painful feelings. That’s okay. They need to be witnessed and felt at the same time so they can finally heal. Your light will eventually shine through so your spirit can soar more regularly. For some of us this takes time and work as we have to clear out that old stuff first. I did this for two straight years, yeesh! I was so committed, but it was truly the best investment of time I have ever made. I am a different person today and I thrive! So can you!

If you need additional support I have books, a CD, an online course (click HERE to find out more), and do private phone coaching. Or in person if you live in Nor Cal. Ultimately, this is a practice that can be done on your own, with a witness or even with a group.

Get ready to be FREE!  I wish you every blessing!