Show me the money! 46 questions to ask yourself for clarity and control

This week I have a few questions for you. More often than we are willing to admit we are drawn to relationship for external reasons: money, security, fear of being alone, children, validation, sex, boredom, or to avoid dealing with (or to be rescued from) another situation. Let’s take on money first! Print out and answer the questions below. Notice which questions you ace and which ones you don’t want to answer. Do not, under any circumstances, lie. It serves no one—least of all, you. Take as much time as you like; you are worth it!

Who controls your money? How do you earn money? Who gives you money, how often and why? How much money do you have to your name right now? How long would it take you to find out? Why don’t you know? Who pays your bills? When do you pay them? Exact dates. Example: the 1st & the 15th. How much money does it cost you, to the dollar, every month, to run your life? How much do you make an hour? How much are you worth? How much money do you pay in taxes per year? How much does your health insurance cost every month? How much money do you spend on food every month? How much on partying, gifts, recreation? Travel? How about clothes and makeup; how much do you spend every month and why? What’s the most responsible way for you to spend and save your money each month? Why don’t you? How much debt do you have? Why? Who do you owe money to and exactly how much? (Yes, loans that friends, family, or someone you have lost touch with, made to you in good faith—even years ago—count) How do you feel about money? How do you feel about people who have money? Do you wish you had more money? Why don’t you? What exactly are you doing about it? Whose job do you think it is to take care of you? Do you think people should just give you their money? What are you willing to do in exchange for money? Do you think rich people should pay because they have more money? Do you think men should pay because they are men? Do you believe money is the root of all evil? Do you believe having more money would solve most of your problems? Do you believe it’s hard to make money nowadays? Do you believe your parents should give you money or continue to help you financially after you are 18 years of age? If so, why? Do you believe people who say they love you should give you money if you have less than they do? If so, why? Do you believe your financial situation is someone else’s fault?” Are you good with money? What are your parents’ beliefs about money? Do your three closest friends have more, less, or about the same amount of money you have? What do you wish was true about you and money? What is your biggest fear about money? Your biggest secret about money? Who controls the flow of money on your life? If it isn’t you, do you think it’s time it ought to be?

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