The Inner-View, Part 1: The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master

Finding out who people are: seems like it would be relatively easy, primarily given that your body registers more than 90% of all perceptible information pre-cognitively. As a human being your internal navigational system, your intuition and senses, were designed to help “know” what you need to know about anyone within seconds, literally;

Understanding your emotions as aspects of your soul

These ideas from Chinese Medicine spoke to me; here's a paper I wrote for Dr. Alan Kilpatrick at Pacifica Graduate Institute, “Emotions and Chinese Medicine.” According to psychologist and behavioral scientist Paul Eckman’s pioneering research on human emotions, we bipedal creatures cross-culturally share six basic emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise.

Freedom through commitment

David and I were on the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge when I had a “feeling” to check my cell. Sure enough, four calls within minutes, evidence someone was urgently trying to reach me. Validation that my intuition (i.e. that feeling) was working—oh, I just love that part! The part I don’t always LOVE is what’s actually “up.” Which, in this instance, was

Relationship Dirt, Part 1

When I was a little kid I used to make mud pies out of dirt and water and secretly leave them on my neighbors’ doorsteps. In my five-year-old mind, if they accepted the “pie” it meant they were friendly, had a sense of humor, were open, and likely safe to play around and with. If not…they weren’t; I didn’t take it too personally and moved on to the next house. I didn’t try to make them like the pie or want the pie, explain why I left the pie, call them, stalk them, cry myself to sleep,