Relationship Dirt, Part 2: Four essential questions to ask before you give out your contact info

Let me ask you this; why are you single right now? Is it because you are enjoying your time as a single person and don’t desire to be in a partnership, or perhaps you’re having fun enjoying all the delights of being on the prowl? OR are you single because you just broke it off with someone who broke your heart or betrayed you, just finished a painful divorce, are a single parent and don’t want to be, or simply feeling lonely

Relationship Dirt, Part 1

When I was a little kid I used to make mud pies out of dirt and water and secretly leave them on my neighbors’ doorsteps. In my five-year-old mind, if they accepted the “pie” it meant they were friendly, had a sense of humor, were open, and likely safe to play around and with. If not…they weren’t; I didn’t take it too personally and moved on to the next house. I didn’t try to make them like the pie or want the pie, explain why I left the pie, call them, stalk them, cry myself to sleep,